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lot of VCP5-DCV it That is, cool, you suddenly came out, this did not inform everyone, it is not enough. Cool really does not have the contact mode of high school students, it is entirely because the original Lord was in the school is Gaoling The existence of flowers, basically do VCP5-DCV it exam not like to play with boys, and concentrate on learning, even female friends are not much, after cooling, I thought about the university with a cool heart, and left without leaving any contact information. Everyone heard the coolness, so they couldn t follow suit. They stood up from the position and gave them cool contact information. The coolness only felt that the old classmates were too enthusiastic. When a white boy c.ame to the cool front, the coolness clearly felt that the atmosphere was a little bit wrong, and the sight of the people next to him fell on the cool and the VMware Certification boy. The boy seems to be a little embarrassed. The white cheeks are flushed with a blush. The hand reaches out and handes over his mobile phone. The corner of his mouth is pulled. After a while, he nervously said That, Zhao, can put your mobile number. Give it to me Oh oh oh The students next to me made a groaning sound, especially watching the boy s nervous look, and couldn t help but laugh. Looking at the boy in the cool, silent for a moment, only reached out, the white finger took the boy s mobile phone, pressed a string of numbers, and then smiled and return

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VCP550D VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization Delta VMware VCP5-DCV